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Creates Language Understanding Chat Bots!

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Create Bots for all industries!

Connects to Microsoft's Language Understanding Service!

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Retail or Customer Service Bot?

Our step by step tutorials, get you up to speed quickly!

Did you know...

Microsoft's Language Understanding Service allows you to train a Chat Bot Model based on Utterances. Think of the Model as a Brain. You train it via Utterances...Sentences. However to use Online Bot Builder, you don't have to train a model! Yes you heard right! We show you how to get started today without teaching Luis to do anything, and all with zero coding! All you need is a free account.

We have an advanced Shopping Cart widget that is ready to go! For example when a customer asks, 'What kind of coffee do you offer?', the Bot can display a Product list, automatically configured for a PayPal Shopping Cart! The user can add or remove items and checkout! If they leave the page and return, and there is a previously filled cart saved to their browser's local storage, it appears at the top of the Chat Bot, ready for checkout!

You can even instruct your Bot to collect personal data from users and then dynamically insert a customer response (like their name) into Bot responses! This allows you to create messages that have a personal flair! And we keep track of all those inputs and sentences for offline analysis!

At the heart of Online Bot Builder are special Message Groups that convey information to the user when an Intent is triggered by your model. And our Online Chat Bot Builder incorporates Skip Logic functionality that allows you to create different paths for each user, all with the same goal! You can even inject new message streams into the conversation from widget buttons or from any Bot Message!

For example our Vertical Slidshow Widget can present X number of Slides with a Caption, Description and Button. Buttons can either redirect the user to a URL or it can redirect a user to another message group!

Need to hand off a chat to another Bot or a live person, Yup, we have that too! Our Transfer Widget can be triggered based on an Intent or at any step in a chain of messages. This allows you to transfer users from one service to another, or even to a real person!

Via a bit of script that we provide, you can embed our Chat Bot service to run on your site! You can even configure it to display automatically, or based on a time delay or by an event that occurs on your site! It's super simple to setup and works on any web site and it works with mobile devices!

If you have struggled with Microsoft's Bot Framework, or just don't have the expertise to code, or don't know what it is, and want to get a state of the art Language Understaning Chat Bot up and running quickly, then Online Bot Builder is for you! It's the only Language Understanding Chat Bot Builder on the Internet for Microsoft's Cognitive Service!

And the really cool thing...Microsoft's is currently free for up to 10k messages per month; which means with our Free plan you could have a very cool Chat Bot with all the bells and whistles for Free, running on your site, managing feedback or taking orders from customers, while you sleep!

Online Bot Builder! Always Free! Try It Today!

Top Features

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Shopping Cart

Inject a PayPal Shopping Cart into the Conversation!

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Decision Button

Launch an external URL, inject a chain of messages via our skip logic functionality or transfer the user to another Chat Bot!

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Message Widget

Inject a chain of messages. Each can accept input and pass that to other messages in dynamic placeholders!

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Logs Everything

Captures everything a user sees and does! Includes sentence details, inputs, shown messages, widgets and user location, visit date and revisits!

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Skip Logic

Allows you to create different paths for different users. View them in the Console, a tool that keeps track of everything that occurs in your Bot. Let's you tweak and view the future!

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API Limiter

Control costs by capping the number of hits to the API!

Latest Tutorials

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The Basics

We show how to start using our Online Chat Bot Builder without training a model. All you need is some gibberish!

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Basics Part 2

Travel down the rabbit hole with our Decision Widget where we introduce Skip Logic functionality that can take users down different paths!

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Basics Part 3

We wrap things up with the Shopping Cart widget and show you how to deploy the Chat Bot on your site!

Try It Today! It's Free!

Try It! It's Free! All we need is your email address. Setup instructions sent to your inbox.

Pricing? First Chat Bot Is Free!



Per Month
  • Unlimited Chat Bots!
  • Unlimited Messages!
  • Skip Logic Functionality!
  • All Widget Types!
  • Sentence Capture!
    Logs Everything Users See and Do!
  • User Tracking!
    Location, Vist, Revisit!
  • Luis API Limiter!
    Helps you control costs!
  • Bot Connector!
    Seamlessly link Chat Bots!

Frequently asked questions

We have included the most common answers to questions we have recieved at OnlineBotBuilder. If you still have an unanswered question please try our Contact Us form at the bottom of this page.

Top Questions

Enter you email in the Email Address input box and click the Signup button. We will setup a Free plan for the entered email address and send you a 'welcome' email. Simply click or tap the login url to get started in the welcome email. If you like OnlineBotBuilder, select a paid plan, make payment and we will link the 'free' account to the appropriate paid plan.

No we do not offer refunds...We feel that once you try the Free account, that should have given you plenty of time to try and make your executive decision to upgrade.

If you only need OnlineBotBuilder for a short period of time, subscribe and then cancel the subscription before the next payment. This gives you the option to use it for as long as you need it. If you cancel it, we revert your account to the Free plan; but you always have the option to reactivate it with a renewed subscription.

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